New Marquee is Finally Here!!!

Fort Foote Family we did it! We would like to thank parents, teachers, community members, and administrators for the collaborative efforts to assist the Fort Foote purchase our new Marquee. I think it’s no secret that our old sign was 0nly in great need of repair, but it was past time for a new sign. Well not to be outdone by the updates in the area, the PTA committed to purchasing an attractive LED state of the arts marquee. This marquee was reflective of the standard we think our students are entitled along with a great representation of the school pride exhibited throughout the community.

So now, there’s no excuse to miss that next PTA meeting or Parents Conference. In addition this marquee will be one of the continuing methods that the administration and the PTA will use to ensure that we are providing the parents and the community with effective communications about our students and school.

We look forward to our “Official Ribbon-Cutting” Ceremony which we are scheduling and hope for you to come out and join us!!