Come Out to our PTA Meeting Tuesday, October 2nd!!!


TUESDAY, October 2, 7:00pm

We look forward to meeting all of our new families and sharing the exciting plans for the upcoming year.

  $50 GIFTCARD RAFFLE (Must Be Present to Win)

   See You There!




Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance, and are more likely to complete high school than students whose parents are not involved in their school. Positive effects of parental involvement have been demonstrated at both the elementary and secondary levels across several studies, with the largest effects often occurring at the elementary level. -Childtrends, Dec.2016

What Better Way to Make a Difference in Your Child’s Life Than to Get Involved in the PTA!!!

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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL AT FORT FOOTE ELEMENTARY!!! Tuesday, Sept.3, 2018 (9:15 a.m.-3:25 p.m.)

We look forward to starting the 2018-19 year school year off with a blast. We would like to welcome all the new families to  Fort Foote Elementary. We look forward to getting to know you throughout the year. Please be on the lookout for the packets being sent out by the PTA for you to join us and participate in making your child and your family’s experience with Fort Foote a wonderful experience this year!! GO BEARS!!!

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New Suggestion Box-Let Us Know How We’re Doing!

Fort Foote Family we are so excited for a wonderful and productive year for our students, teachers, staff and families.  We are always striving to be the BEST we can be. One of the suggestions from our survey was to have a a suggestion box or space on the site to provide comments.

If you have a suggestion for a new idea for PTA or the School, let us know. If the Fort Foote Staff, teachers, principal,  and PTA is doing something really great that you like, we’d love to hear it. Likewise, if there are constructive suggestions or concerns that need to be addressed, we would love to hear those as well. We are a community and every voice is important. Your comments can be anonymous if you prefer. We will also have a designated location at the school. Ask the office if you need help locating.

Thanks and let’s have a GREAT YEAR! Click Here to provide your suggestion.

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2018-19 Grade Supply Lists and Uniforms

We know you have an extra month this year to prepare, but don’t forget to check out your child’s grade supply list. Make sure you catch those great sales and take advantage of those Tax Free Holidays !!!

Grade School Supply List

Uniform List


  • Solid White Polo or Solid White Dress Shirt with Navy Blue Necktie
  • Solid Navy Blue Cardigan
  • Navy Blue Uniform Pants
  • Solid Black or White Shoes
  • Solid White, Navy Blue or Black Socks
  • Solid Black Belt


  • Solid White Polo or Solid White Peter Pan Collar Blouse with Navy Blue Crossbow
  • Solid Navy Blue Cardigan
  • Navy Blue Pants or Plaid Jumper (6th grade option only-Plaid Skirt)
  • Solid Black or White Shoes
  • Solid White, Navy Blue or Black Socks
  • Earrings must be dime size or smaller





We’re Looking for Grade Parent Representatives for the 2018-19 School Year

Hello Fort Foote Parents. This year we have decided to recruit Grade Parent Representatives to become members of the PTA Board. To provide a continued and productive working relationship with the parents and administration, it is desired that each grade will be represented with  at least one to two Parent Representative(s).  Parents, if you are interested in  serving as a Grade Parent Representative, you will need to have a Background Check submitted through the Prince Georges County Public Schools Fingerprinting Office. For more info, please call the Fingerprinting Office at 301.952.6775.Click Here for a link to Frequently Asked Questions and PGCPS (Fort Foote ES) Background Check Policy.

               Position Summary & Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the PTA Board Parent Representative for your respective grade level
  • Serve as a liaison for parents for your respective grade level
  • Serve as a liaison with the PTA Board and teachers for your respective grade level
  • Attend PTA meetings and/or conference calls every other month or as needed
  • Attend some PTA in-school, evening and/or weekend events or activities

If you are interested in serving in this role please complete this form:

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Take a look at our 2nd and 3rd graders from last year -Making Their Own Bread!

The second and third graders participated in a wonderful event last  May for the second time at Fort Foote Elementary.  The school and the PTA co-sponsored an in-house field trip for our 2nd and 3rd graders by  bringing in  The Reeds and Breadmaking EZ ( . It was truly a site to see as over 80 kids were seated at the cafeteria tables that held plastic bowls, measuring cups and wooden rulers. Each table was lined with white paper so the flour, yeast, salt, brown sugar and water could be rolled to make dough.

The session included an interactive, interdisciplinary, hands- on approach to learning where the kids learn about health and nutrition, math and science while having fun making their own loaf of wheat bread, which they were able to take home to share with their families. There were teachers and parents present to assist the children which made for a most memorable event. The PTA has committed to sponsoring this  an annual event each year for the 2nd and 3rd graders.  Here’s a special video of the kids kneading dough which is sure to put a smile on your face:

Here are some other great shots from the day: